Praise for I Prefer the Sunrise:

"Aberle's story is compelling and manages to
be a page turner. Her character and plot
offer hopeful escape to anyone dealing with
life's challenges that include just about everyone. Recommended."
…..  Nancy Hansford, Fort Collins Coloradoan

“The interplay between reader and writer is
fascinating and mysterious.  A story that rings
true, that's raw and real and magical, all at the same time.”
…..  Paul Robbins

“This story hasn’t been ‘done’ before. So many books
I have read are just that …. a twist on the same old theme. 
This book captures so sadly, tearfully, and poignantly, but so much more beautifully than any other, the truths of
overcoming grief and mourning.”
…..  Lisa Grastataro

“A masterful job of describing denial, confusion,
pathos, and sense of anonymity in the midst of the
most tragic event one can experience.”
…..  Mytch Mead

“I will read anything, any time from Anna Rae.
Sequel, please!  What a superb story and writer.
…..  Peggy Kolechar
Portraits by Sara Armijo, 2009 *
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