But will her radical decision to chase that destiny compromise her tentative footing in her new career and relationship, or will it be the path that finally brings relief to her torment and grief?

Years earlier, Alicia had been floundering in both her romantic and professional life. Breaking free from her confines, provoked by her stagnating life, she charted a new course for herself.  Propelled by her new profession in magazine publishing, she next disentangled herself from an engagement to a man who stifled her aspirations. 

Finally free from her constraining relationship, Alicia’s life flourished when she met Gregory, an aspiring writer at her new job.  A passionate and powerful romance developed but then tragedy struck.  Alicia tried to move forward, but with no support structure to help her cope with her grief she plummeted into a tailspin of self-destructive behaviors, losing her way in life. 

Alicia’s story is one of fumbling through life until a devastating event nearly collapsed her.  But, ultimately the tragedy she endured created the cohesion and purpose she had lacked all long.  It shows the unique reality that sometimes our bleakest hours can reveal a new path to triumph over loss.  

I Prefer the Sunrise

Reeling from tragedy, Alicia wasted years in displaced grief and humiliating experiences, until a chance meeting reconnects her to a former love in her life.   Her inability to cope with her loss could now come to a conclusion; and Alicia comprehends for the first time her true destiny.