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Nancy Hansford, a Fort Collins Coloradoan columnist, recommended the book as a compelling page-turner and notes, “Her character and plot offer hopeful escape to anyone dealing with life's challenges that include just about everyone.”

“This story captures beautifully, sadly, tearfully, the experience of mourning, of loss, of sunset and sunrise,” a reader noted on Facebook.

Anna Rae Aberle ( is the pen name for Roberta Aberle, who lived in Fort Collins from 1968 until 1987 and attended Colorado State University from 1982 through 1986 majoring in Liberal Arts with a Literature concentration. Ms. Aberle was born in Rapid City, S.D., and currently resides outside of Denver.

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I Prefer the Sunrise (CreateSpace) is available in print and Kindle formats on Inscribed copies of the book can be ordered from Aberle's website. Discussions and readings from the novel are planned in the Fort Collins area in the next year. More details to come.

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Anna Rae Aberle is another author debuting with "I Prefer the Sunrise.'' It carries Alicia from the tragic death of her love, Gregory, thru the process of figuring it all out to living the best of everything life offers her.

Aberle's story is compelling and manages to be a page turner. Her character and plot offer hopeful escape to anyone dealing with life's challenges that include just about everyone. Recommended. Visit
4:31 pm May 6th, 2011  Written by Nancy Hansford

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Publication Date:  April 24th, 2011 (Print Only)

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Rapid City native debuts novel - I PREFER THE SUNRISE

Book Launch on
Anna Rae Aberle

AURORA, CO, April 19, 2011 — Anna Rae Aberle, a native of Rapid City, South Dakota, today announced her debut novel, I PREFER THE SUNRISE is now available on Anna Rae Aberle is the pen name for Roberta Aberle, who was born in Rapid City. Her family has long been established in South Dakota, in Rapid City as well as the cities of Belle Fourche, Spearfish, Deadwood and Lead. She lived the formative years of her life in Rapid City until her family moved to Colorado, but she returns frequently to visit extended family and friends. Anna Rae Aberle is planning an appearance in the Black Hills area this Fall, where she will read excerpts from her book and provide open discussion to offer more insight into her work and the seemingly daunting goal of completing a novel.

I PREFER THE SUNRISE begins with an event that, at its core, provokes a journey of growth and reckoning for the semi-fictional protagonist, Alicia Riverdale. Written in Alicia’s own voice in retrospect, she takes the reader through the pain and losses that touch and affect her life. Set in the backdrop of San Francisco and surrounding Marin County, in the opening chapters Alicia is struggling with her dysfunctional relationship and challenging new career, but more importantly, with her lack of direction. Stumbling along until she literally falls into the arms of a colleague, the charming and talented, Gregory Vincent, her path is forever changed.

The two begin a romantic relationship that opens Alicia’s eyes to her true potential, but their story takes a tragic turn, thrusting her into a downward spiral. Fragile in her grief and utter loss of self, Alicia plows headfirst into a series of destructive behaviors losing her closest confidant and destroying her emerging career in the process. Moving back home to Colorado, Alicia goes through a precarious period until two male influential forces, her father and her new love, guide her. However, it is during a trip later to revisit the heart wrenching past that she has a chance meeting that ultimately gives her faith in herself and makes her understand the role that Gregory has in her world. He is her inspiration to take action on the passion that has been an undercurrent her entire life.

In Alicia and Gregory, Anna Rae Aberle reveals a raw and emotion-provoking story with elements of truth in her fiction. In this book, the author creates a story based upon her own experiences, but retells it as an entirely different character, yet both women conclude at the same place in their lives. I PREFER THE SUNRISE is both a story of triumph over tragedy as well as a tribute to an exceptional and inspirational influence in both Alicia and Anna Rae’s lives. This enduring story not only exposes Alicia’s altered destiny, it parallels the author’s own purpose and aspirations.

About the Upcoming Book Signings
Anna Rae Aberle will provide the selected locations and dates for all appearances on her website. The event will include readings from her book, as well as her providing personal insight into her work. The author will welcome questions and discussion about the book as well as general questions about the process of writing. The book is available for purchase on beforehand as well as at each book event.

About the Author
Anna Rae Aberle was born in Rapid City, South Dakota and received her literary education in Colorado. Anna Rae’s debut novel, I Prefer the Sunrise, is described by her following of readers as a compelling work, written in vivid detail that connects characters and readers through a poignant and powerful storyline. Anna Rae currently resides outside of Denver, Colorado, but has lived in many different regions of the country. She shares daily doses of laughter with her husband, David, and their blended family of canine companions.

For more information or to request a preview copy of the book, I PREFER THE SUNRISE by Anna Rae Aberle, please contact her at
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Windsor Now!
Publication Date:   Appeared Thursday, Aug 5th 2010 (Print & Online)
Author appearing in Windsor Aug. 6
The Turning Leaf Art Gallery will host Colorado author Anna Rae Aberle on Friday. The Fort Collins native and Colorado State University graduate will read excerpts from her upcoming book “I Prefer the Sunrise.”

The semi-fictional story follows the protagonist as she falls in love in San Francisco. But when things take a tragic, turn, she returns home to Colorado, where she finds a new love and eventually finds herself again.

The event is 4–7 p.m. Friday at the Turning Leaf Art Gallery at 4630 Royal Vista Circle in Windsor.
Aug 5th, 2010
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